Turkmenistan family
Government of Turkmenistan adopts Sustainable Development Goals framework for the country

The Government of Turkmenistan has formally adopted a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 148 targets and 198 indicators to be implemented over the next 15 years.

Tajik woman farmer
Central Asia, at a crossroads, has potential for sustainable development breakthrough

With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) now at the top of their agenda, Central Asian countries have the potential to transform themselves into dynamic economies and role models for sustainable human development, said UNDP at a consultation with the European Union on the region.

UNDP Europe and CIS
Labour migrants in Central Asia deserve our attention

Central Asian labour migrants tend to be more vulnerable than native-born residents to respiratory illnesses, including tuberculosis, HIV and mental conditions.

Syrian family
Rethinking the way the world deals with refugees

UNDP Eurasia's Cihan Sultanoğlu on how the international community’s approach to migration requires an overhaul that looks at reducing need as well as addressing the crisis.

UNDP europe Tajikistan Japan
Tajikistan: Japan gives disaster risk reduction a boost

The Government of Japan has committed USD 10.6 million (JPY 11 billion) to strengthen disaster risk reduction and response capacities in Tajikistan for the benefit of more than 8 million people.

UNDP Albania
Helping rebuild lives in Albania with a long term sight

In less than one hour, the water “stole” all that belonged to 75-year-old Qani Shehu. All that remained were the walls of his house standing 3 meters deep in water. Qani still remembers that day as one of the worst in his life. He refused to leave his place, instead finding refuge on his roof where he felt safer. In...

Bishop and imam shake hands
Working on shared heritage bringing Cypriots across the island together

UNDP's cultural heritage restoration work in Cyprus is bringing Cypriots across the divide together.

kids at camp
Moldovan youth bring green energy to their communities

Moldovan youth are learning about renewable energy and inspiring change in their families and communities.

Sheyda Karimova
United by a passion for a stronger world

21-year-old Sheyda Karimova talks about her experience at Azerbaijan's Model UN.

women weavers
Weaving a stronger future in Uzbekistan

A New World project in Uzbekistan, women learn traditional craft-making skills that enable them to find jobs locally.