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Stanislav Kim

Programme Specialist

Based in: Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia
From: Kazakhstan
Studied at: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Languages: Russian, English

I'm Stanislav Kim, and I`m UNDP Recovery, Early Warning Systems and Response Programme Specialist for Europe and CIS

My main areas of expertise:

1.     Policy development and advice in disaster risk reduction and response, climate change and energy, environment, natural resources management, chemicals and green economy.

2.     Programme coordination and support.

3.     Strategic partnership and resource mobilization

4.     Knowledge management.

My work

Together with my colleagues, I support UNDP country offices and national partners in the region on issues such as recovery, early warning systems, disaster risk reduction and response.

I have over 17 years of experience as an expert on climate change, energy, environment, disaster risk reduction and response, as well as project and programme planning and management.

Some recent achievements

2010-2014 As the Head of Energy and Environment Department of UNDP Kazakhstan I developed successful RM strategy that helped to mobilize more than USD 50 mln for the programmes and projects in the area of green economy, energy, natural resources’ management, DRR and response.

2012- 2013 With my team, I provided policy development support to the Government of Kazakhstan in formulating a coherent framework for introduction of the green economy principles into the national policy, resulted in approval of the National Concept for Transition to the Green Economy. My individual expert contribution was noticed by the Government, and in 2013 I was awarded with the “Honorable environmentalist” sign.

2012 UNDP/GEF project on Energy Efficiency in Heating and Hot Water Supply successfully implemented under my supervision become the basis for a multi-billions state funded programme for the housing and utilities sector reform in Kazakhstan.

For more information:
Email: stanislav.kim@undp.org
Phone: +90 545 953 12 70

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