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Accelerating the transition to sustainable development

The Strategic Plan 2018-2021 sets out the direction for a new UNDP, optimized to help countries achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Europe and Central Asia

All programme countries in Europe and Central Asia have attained middle-income status. Extreme poverty (below $1.90/ day purchasing power parity) has largely been eradicated and significant improvements have been noted in state capacity and the quality of governance across the region.

Yet, problems of inequality and vulnerability are present and growing. Almost all countries in the region are facing challenges in advancing and reconciling economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability. While the human development index for 13 programme countries has reached the ‘high’ or ‘very high’ human development category, an estimated 70 million people are vulnerable to poverty.

In alignment with the UNDP Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, and in response to the unique context of the Europe and the CIS region, the overarching objective of the new regional programme for Europe and the CIS is to help accelerate the implementation and achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). (The programme is currently under review at the First regular session 2018 of the Executive Board.)

The three objectives of the regional programme are:

  • to help put into place effective systems of governance to accelerate structural transformations;
  • to promote greener, more inclusive economies and gender equality to ensure that economic growth leaves no one behind and restores, rather than further depletes, the natural capital; and
  • to chart risk-informed development pathways to build resilience and prevent shocks and crises.

The plan identifies six “signature solutions” against which UNDP will now align its resource and expertise, to make a real impact on poverty, governance, energy access, gender equality, resilience and environmental sustainability.

We will work with our full spectrum of partners – including all UN agencies and programmes, long-standing partners such as the European Union, traditional as well as new and emerging donors and International financial institutions to help countries mobilize knowledge and funding in support of this ambitious agenda.

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