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Want to blog about development issues in the region? Let us know! In addition to our 200+ UNDP bloggers from across the region, we love guest bloggers too.

>> Read posts from our most recent guest bloggers, Louiza Mallouri, who is bringing together storytellers from Cyprus (See: Reading the lines: ‘The other’ in the stories we tell about ourselves), and Ana Babovic from Serbia on the Move (See: Serbian citizens take on corruption in the health sector). 

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Attend free lectures on development issues

Come in person to universities all over Europe, or join us online (#kapu) for our Kapuscinski Development Lecture series, featuring some of the most influential development thinkers.  

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We're going where you are! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare (and more!) - Become an advocate for development issues in your networks, and feel free to ask questions and start discussions too :)

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>> Share examples of user-led innovation

People invent, hack, and tweak objects out of necessity - what if development organizations tuned in to innovation already out there to solve development challenges? Inspired by Eric von Hippel, we think it makes sense to design some of our projects under the assumption that the solution to the problem is already out there.
>> Help us find examples
(more on why we're interested in user-led innovation)