Zack Taylor

Regional Conflict Prevention Advisor


Based in: UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub  

From: United-Kingdom and USA

Studied at: Middlebury College, University College London

Languages: English, Croatian/Serbian  


white man, short black hair, charming smile, 3 days beard, shaved on the sides, open grey suit, white shirt

I'm Zack Taylor, and I’m the Conflict Specialist for UNDP in the Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States.


My main areas of expertise cover:


  1. 1.  Conflict-sensitive development
  2. 2.  Violence prevention
  3. 3.  Small arms control
  4. 4.  Community security and policing
  5. 5.  Local governance
  6. 6.  Non-proliferation policy


I have 12 years of experience supporting programme and policy development and advising United Nations Country Offices in sound development practice in conflict-prone environments.

Most of my experience has been in this region but I have also worked extensively in East and West Africa and Southeast Asia.  



My work:


My role is to support UNDP country offices in the region – and by extension the broader UN system – in developing national institutional capacities for crisis prevention and recovery.


The region is home to many middle-income countries so the focus here is more on the prevention of violent conflict with a view to ensuring development gains are sustainable and equitable. Our work supports Governments and civil society to address those threats – be they local (inter-communal conflict) or trans-border (trafficking) – which threaten stability and development.



Some achievements


2009-2010 Co-led work drafting and negotiating the first United Nations Secretary-General Report on Armed Violence and Development, which articulated – for the first time – a common UN position on the prevention of armed violence. Subsequently, worked to mobilize $12 million to support implementation of the recommendations in affected counties. 


2006-2009 Led work in partnership with the Ministry of Interior of Croatia, which resulted in the collection of 45,000 arms from the civilian population in Croatia over three years, and a significant reduction in the risks firearms pose to the public.


2002-2003 Worked as part of a broad international effort to support the establishment of the Assembly of Kosovo* – and associated democratic bodies and committees – marking the first democratic institution of self-governance in Kosovo*.



For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:

90 531 421 8435


* All references to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of the Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).