Our experts in democratic governance


Aferdita Mekuli

I'm Aferdita, and I have extensive experience in design and management of the local governance and recovery programmes focusing on service delivery, decentralization and enhancing the government-society relations in urban and rural settings.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  &nmore


Francesco Checchi

I’m Francesco Checchi and I provide advisory support for the development of anti corruption, transparency and accountability initiatives in the Eastern European and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).    Main areas of expertise:   1. Anti corruption – Transparency – Accountmore


Jasmina Mujkanovic

I'm Jasmina Mujkanovic, and I have more than 15 years of experience in programming and successful implementation of rule of law, human rights, and justice projects, capacity development, resource mobilization, budgeting and reporting.   My main areas of expertise:   1.   &nbmore


Lejla Sadiku

I'm Lejla and I have been working in international development for the last seven years. I have a keen interest on intertwining public policy and technology to improve governance.   My main areas of expertise:   1.     Open data 2.     Social innovatmore


Shelley Inglis

I'm Shelley Inglis, and I lead a team of top-notch, innovative policy experts in specific areas of governance and peacebuilding – anti-corruption, rule of law, human rights, conflict prevention and responsive national and local institutions.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  &more

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