Armen Grigoryan

DRR Team Leader and Advisor


Based in: Regional Hub for Europe and CIS

From: Armenia 

Studied at: Yerevan State Institute of Foreign Languages, Haigzaian Business College, Central European University

Languages: Armenian, English, Russian, French




I'm Armen Grigoryan, I have 20 years of experience with the United Nations. I work on disaster risk reduction issues in Europe and the CIS.


My main areas of expertise:

1.     Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

2.     Preparedness

3.     Response

4.     Recovery

5.     Institutional and Legal Systems for DRR

6.     DRR Governance

7.     Capacity Development for DRR

My work

I lead the team’s work of the IRH and UNDP BPPS on disaster related issues in the ECIS.  Main technical partners are: UNOCHA, UNISDR, UNICEF, GFDRR, main institutional partners are EU, DIPECHO, WB, UNEP, OSCE.

Some recent achievements

2014 – Provided technical support on integration of DRR into UNDAF to 10 UNDP Cos in the ECIS region.

2013 – Developed DRR profile of the 5 most disaster prone countries in the ECIS region.

2012 - Developed DRR Overview Training Course Package (5 days) and 4 houronline course.

For more details, you are welcome to check out my resume on LinkedIn or contact me directly:

Twitter: @ArmenGrigoryan8




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