Yegor Volovik

Regional Programme Coordinator, Central Asia Climate Risk Management Programme

Based in: Almaty Central Asian Office

From: Russian Federation

Studied at: Russian Academy of Science , TSM Business School

Languages: English, Russian


Bold white man smiling, black suit, white shirt, red tie

I’m Yegor Volovik and I’m coordinating the regional climate risk management programme for Central Asia. 


My areas of expertise:


  1. 1.  Integrated water resource management and planning
  2. 2.  Project development and management
  3. 3.  Information systems and databases
  4. 4.  Monitoring and evaluation
  5. 5.  Development and optimization of monitoring networks and programmes
  6. 6.  Statistical analysis and ecosystem modelling


I have 19 years of experience, including 16 years at the international level in both public and private sectors, related to environmental management, and water resource management in particular.



My work:

Together with the regional and national teams in all five Central Asia countries, I’m involved in the implementation of regional, national and local climate-risk related activities, including developing regional and national climate and disaster risk profiles; and setting up expert networks and knowledge management platforms.


I’m supporting national partners as they strengthen capacities to manage climate risks; and helping to increase resilience of rural communities in Central Asia through improved sector-specific practicies – such as water efficiency in agriculture, high-land pasture management, agro-forestry and climate related disaster management. I’m also supporting research on glacier melting in Central Asia, together with other United Nations agencies and international organizations.



Some achievements:

2002 - 2008 Took part in development of legislative, institutional, technical, and financial basis for operation of the Black Sea Commission.


2002 - 2008 Participated in revising a series of Protocols of the Black Sea Convention including the Biodiversity Protocol, Protocol on Land Based Pollution Sources and Activities, Contingency Plan


1998 Participated in the United Nations Commission’s Inter-Session Working Group on Strategic Approaches to Freshwater Management (NY, 1998)



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