Experts in HIV, health and development


Boyan Konstantinov

I'm Boyan Konstantinov and I'm a legal specialist, working in the field of HIV, health and development   My main areas of expertise   1. Rights of people living with HIV and key populations at risk of HIV 2. Intellectual property and access to medicines 3. Law and public healthmore


Dr. Christoph Hamelmann

I’m Christoph Hamelmann and I manage UNDP’s work on HIV, health and development in Europe and CIS. I am also a Senior Technical Matrix Manager with UNDP Regional Centre in Cairo.   I am a medical doctor, economist, epidemiologist and systems management specialist. I have 25 years experience amore


John Macauley

Hi, I’m John Macauley and I’m UNDP’s Regional Analyst for HIV, Health and Development in Europe and CIS.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  Providing advice for the timely codification and dissemination of good practices in the area of HIV, health and development 2.  Providingmore

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