Anastasia Maximova

Partnership support analyst


Based in: Regional Hub for Europe and CIS

From: Russia

Studied at: University of Minnesota, USA, Higher School of Economics, Russia, and Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Languages: Russian, English, German




Hi, I'm Anastasia Maximova. My main areas of expertise are:

1. International development cooperation

2. Technical assistance and capacity development

3. Knowledge and expertise sharing in development cooperation

4. Evaluation in development cooperation

5. Development cooperation in Central Asia


I am experienced in Russian development assistance field and have worked in respective Russian Federal Agency and NGOs. My research interests lie in the area of development assistance effectiveness and evaluation, in particular with regard to Central Asia. I am also keen on work of donors outside of OECD DAC group.


My work

I am responsible for providing support to effective management of liaison with the Russian Federation as a donor, including such issues as monitoring implementation of UNDP projects funded by the Russian Federation, knowledge transfer and sharing of Russian expertise, analytical work and advocacy.


Some achievements  

·       Developed a project document on Knowledge management and capacity building in Russia-UNDP Partnership ($500.000 funding from the Russia-UNDP Trust Fund (TFD) and $100.000 UNV co-funding) and supported the process till the project launch;

·       Supported the first annual consultations on Russia-UNDP Partnership in April 2016;

·       Prepared an overview of the Russia-UNDP Partnership that captured its results since 2013;

·       Drafted the Russia-UNDP TFD communication and visibility strategy;

·       Under the Knowledge management project, managed the first call for the Russian Experts on Demand Programme, supported the Russian Expertise Locator database and other tasks.


For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:

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