Dmitry Mariyasin

Team Leader, New Partnerships and Emerging Donors / Regional Partnerships Specialist

Based in: Regional Hub for Europe and CIS

From: Russian FederationRussian flag

Studied at: Moscow State University, Russian International Trade Academy, and New York University

Languages: Russia, English, German, and some Spanish


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My name is Dmitry Mariyasin, and I’m the Team Leader for New Partnerships and Emerging Donors in UNDP's Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS.

My main areas of expertise are:


  1. 1. New development donors and partners


  2. 2. Innovation in official development assistance (ODA)


  3. 3. South-south, east-east and triangular cooperation


  4. 4. Network solutions for complex problems


  5. 5. Policy dialogue within Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICS) and G8/G20 formats


I have nine years of experience in supporting decision making for senior United Nations officials and managing partnerships with governments, civil society and academia, as well as in programme development, policy advice and analysis. Most of my experience has been in this region.


My work:

My role is to support UNDP’s engagement with new donors in the region, including new EU Member States, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey. I will also act as a "broker" of partnerships that help countries exchange resources, knowledge and experience, over and above the traditional donor-recipient relationship. Finally, it is my priority to help UNDP become a more effective partner with universities, NGOs, private companies and foundations.


Some achievements

2010-2011 Was part of a core team preparing a breakthrough partnership between UNDP and Turkey that is focusing on assistance to least developed countries, disaster risk reduction, women's empowerment and the role of the private sector. The respective agreement was signed by UNDP Administrator and Turkey’s Foreign Minister in March 2011, and is now being implemented.


2009-2010 Supported a number of internal change management processes that have helped UNDP in Europe and CIS to become a more transparent, quick and impact focused organization that strives to be open to the world.


2006-2008 Coordinated the effort of the United Nations Country Team in Russia to prepare a first ever National Human Development report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The report was a success with the Russian government and was followed by other joint policy relevant publications, such as on MDG achievement of the Russian regions and on the demographic crisis in Russia.



For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:



Telephone icon+421-2-59337-227