Our experts in poverty reduction


Ben Slay

Hi, I'm Ben Slay. My main areas of expertise are:   1.  Economics of transition 2.  International economics 3.  Macroeconomic policies 4.  Energy and environmental economics 5.  Sustainable development   I have 25 years of experience in economics and policy analmore


Danièle Gelz

I'm Danièle, and I manage the Aid for Trade project.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  Poverty reduction - private sector development and sustainable local development 2.  Results based management, and project management 3.  Monitoring and evaluation   &nmore


Elena Danilova-Cross

I'm Elena Danilova-Cross, Policy Analyst on Human Development and Social Inclusion.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  Human development 2.  Analysis and policy 3.  Project management     My work   I have over seven years of professional experience in mainmore


Mihail Peleah

I'm Mihail Peleah and I want to make a difference through policy work, by studying society and measuring the unmeasurable.   My main areas of expertise: 1. Sustainable Human Development 2. Migration and Social Protection 3. Statistics and Analysis   My work   As a Human Developmentmore


Sheila Marnie

I'm Sheila Marnie and I'm providing advisory services to six countries in Central Asia, and developing partnerships to enhance work in the sub-region.   My main areas of expertise:   1.  Poverty reduction  2.  Human development 3.  Social protection 4.  Sustmore

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