Elena Danilova-Cross

Human Development and Social Inclusion Policy Analyst

Based in: Bratislava Regional Centre

From: Uzbekistan

Studied at: Tashkent State University of Economics, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

Languages: English, Russian


Young woman, medium to long brown hair, little smile, black suit

I'm Elena Danilova-Cross, Policy Analyst on Human Development and Social Inclusion.


My main areas of expertise:


  1. 1.  Human development
  2. 2.  Analysis and policy
  3. 3.  Project management



My work

I have over seven years of professional experience in mainstreaming human development and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into policy practice, codifying human development through trainings and academic teaching as well as knowledge management support.

I initiate and coordinate studies, research and publications related to human development and MDGs, including production of national human development reports and policy briefs.



Some recent achievements

2011-2012 Contributed to production of the National Human Development Reports in Kosovo*, Moldova, Tajikistan and Belarus; Supported human development teaching and training activities in the region;

Conducted training of trainers in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan; Facilitated on-line courses and delivered lectures at summer/winter school on human development in Uzbekistan and Hungary.


2008-2011 Initiated academic teaching in two State universities for Master - and BA students and at the State Academy under the President of Uzbekistan as part of “Promoting and Applying Human Development”

Played crucial role in development and integration of human development curriculum for Master and Bachelor degree programmes; Initiated human development teaching portal and opening of the human development resource centre

Led training programme involving over 700 state authority representatives. Initiated and coordinated production of the Toolkit on Human Development for Parliamentarians and Success Stories on Human Development.


2005-2010 Coordinated production of 16 policy briefs; Co-wrote the Policy Brief on Higher Education in Uzbekistan; Introduced and maintained DevInfo database on Human Development and MDGs.



For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:



+421-2-59337 313




*Hereafter referred to in the context of UN Security Council resolution 1244/1999