Mihail Peleah

Human Development Programme and Research Officer


Based in: Bratislava Regional Centre

From: Moldova 

Studied at: Moldova State University and Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Languages: English, Russian, Moldovan, Romanian, Slovak


Mihail Peleah

I'm Mihail Peleah and I want to make a difference through policy work, by studying society and measuring the unmeasurable.


My main areas of expertise:

1. Sustainable Human Development

2. Migration and Social Protection

3. Statistics and Analysis


My work


As a Human Development Programme and Research Officer, I support UNDP country offices with innovative analysis for human development policymaking, learning from country experience, summarizing it and sharing it with countries in Europe and Central Asia and beyond.



Some recent achievements:


2011-2013 Supported National Human Development Reports in Belarus, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, and more, especially with data collection and analysis


2011-2013 Supported and promoted sustainable human development teaching and training activities in Azerbaijan, Ghana and Turkmenistan


2010-2011 Contributed to the Regional Human Development Report Beyond transition: Towards Inclusive Societies, especially with the Social Exclusion Index, which gives an individualized approach to social exclusion analysis



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