Sheila Marnie

Economist, Central Asia

Based in: UNDP sub-regional office, Almaty, Kazakhstan

From: England

Studied at: Heriot-Watt University, University of Glasgow, European University Institute

Languages: English, German, Italian, Russian


Blond woman, no expression on her face, looking straight to the camera, beige jacket

I'm Sheila Marnie and I'm providing advisory services to six countries in Central Asia, and developing partnerships to enhance work in the sub-region.


My main areas of expertise:


  1. 1.  Poverty reduction 
  2. 2.  Human development
  3. 3.  Social protection
  4. 4.  Sustainable local development



My work


I'm working on socio-economic policy issues and promoting sustainable development in Central Asia. I am based in Almaty to be closer to the sub-region and respond flexibly to the needs of UNDP Country Offices. I also work with colleagues to update socio-economic data for most Central Asian countries as well as providing analysis of recent trends.



Some achievements


2011 – Played lead role in organizing a coordination meeting on Central Asia Regional Risk Assessment in Almaty, bringing together agencies working to improve the preparedness of Central Asian countries to deal with climate-changed induced and other disasters or risks, including those associated with lack of regional cooperation on water and energy resource management.


Prior to joining UNDP in 2009, I worked as a consultant in Central Asia for 18 years, focusing on reform of household budget surveys to provide the evidence base for poverty reduction and inclusive growth strategies and social assistance programmes in the region.

I provided support to national and local governments in the formulation of development strategies, and  implementation of area-based development programmes.



For more details, you are welcome to contact me directly:

+ 39 329 9113440