Czech-UNDP Trust Fund

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The Czech-UNDP Trust Fund supports sharing best practices and lessons learned from the Czech Republic’s transition to democracy and markets and its accession to the European Union. The fund has financed study tours to the Czech Republic as well as workshops and trainings in aid-recipient countries (Europe & Central Asia). It has also supported research and feasibility studies and expert consultations.

For more information about the Czech expertise, please visit the Czech Expertise Locator website.

What we have accomplished so far

The Czech Republic was the first emerging donor country to systematically promote its transition experience and official development assistance (ODA) activities in cooperation with UNDP. Since 2004, the Czech-UNDP Trust Fund, in cooperation with UNDP Country Offices in the region, has supported more than 130 projects totalling more than US $7 million and has directly contributed to:

  • Modern management of toxic chemicals in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
  • The creation of an inventory of greenhouse gases in Kosovo* which led also to Kosovo officials interacting with European expert networks
  • Constructing the first energy-efficient kindergarten in FYR Macedonia
  • Better management and monitoring of ecological hotspots across the region through cooperation with UNDP in Montenegro
  • Endorsement of the Human Resource Management Strategy by the Georgian Chamber of Control which contributed to a significant fall in staff turnover
  • Strengthening the capacities of Montenegro´s State Audit Institution (successful institutional cooperation with the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic)
  • Implementation of Moldovan decentralization reforms through the empowered capacity of the Moldovan Congress of Local Municipalities
  • Supporting exports and small- and medium-sized enterprises across the region
  • Strengthening the HIV prevention system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova,  FYR Macedonia, Serbia, and Tajikistan
  • Strengthening the privacy of people living with HIV in Moldova in 2012 by turning a set of project recommendations into law

The Czech-UNDP Trust Fund activities have also helped to build a network of informal contacts between experts and representatives of various organizations in beneficiary countries, and between institutions of public service.

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Who finances it?

Annual contributions to the Fund amount to $500,000 as per Czech law. This contribution is over and above the Czech Republic´s multilateral aid contributions.

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* All references to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of the Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

Status: Active
Project start date:
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Geographic coverage:
Europe and Central Asia
Focus Area:
Environment, Economic Transformation, Democratic Governance, HIV/AIDS Prevention
Project officer:
Barbora Lateckova
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
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