Romania's official development assistance

The main goal of "The New ODA Coopration Partnership with Romania" project is to support Romania in becoming a more effective donor of official development assistance (ODA) so that it can achieve sustainable, scalable development impact in priority countries in Romania’s ODA programme.

Specifically, the UNDP-Romania partnership focuses on:

●      Strengthening the long-term vision and policy coherence of Romania’s international  development. This will help benchmark Romania’s assistance against global development trends and analyze options for positioning itself in international development cooperation.

●      Supporting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its role as national coordinator of development cooperation policy. UNDP’s project team works closely with the Ministry on day-to-day ODA programme management.

●      Supporting Romanian public institutions, civil society and academia to identify and share their development experience with interested partners in developing countries, and with other new donors.

>> The Mobility Fund facilitates the quick transfer of Romanian experts and expertise to meet crucial development needs of the Romanian partner countries.

What we accomplished so far


We supported Romania’s successful participation in the 6th Global Elections Organization Conference (in Seoul, October 2013) to help showcase Romania’s experience and expertise with electoral assistance. The event helped the Romanian Permanent Electoral Authority connect with similar institutions and electoral experts around the globe and explore new opportunities for development cooperation.

Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP helped create a Mobility Fund for Government experts to facilitate the quick transfer of Romanian experts and expertise to partner countries.

In 2013, the Fund was used to support electoral management, cross-border police cooperation, public order, and food safety, mainly directed towards cooperation initiatives between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

At the strategic level, UNDP assisted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with revising its ODA strategy and legal frameworks, as well as with advocacy efforts directed at building political support for approval of the new law.

Who Finances it?

The project is fully funded by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from its Official Development Assistance budget.


Donor name                               Amount contributed per year

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affars                $ 1.183.402,82

Delivery in previous fiscal year (2013)

Donor name                               Amount contributed per year

Romanian Ministry of  Foreign Affairs              $641.846

Project overview
Status: Active
Project start date:
1 July 2013
Estimated end date:
31 December 2015
Geographic coverage:
Focus area:
Development cooperation
Millenium Development Goals
MDG8 - Develop a global partnership for development
Project officer
Anca Stoica
Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs