#NextGenGov: A blog series

A look at issues we will be discussing at our upcoming Istanbul Innovation Days, an annual gathering of partners to explore innovative approaches to…

Nowhere to turn: Can Roma women break free from violence?

The heartbreaking testimonial of a Roma woman reveals how Roma women in the Western Balkans often have to make hard choices between living with an abusive spouse or perpetuating poverty.  

In Georgia’s mountains, taking a 360 approach to ending poverty

I recently visited the Racha region in northern Georgia to film how one region’s push for sustainable tourism is improving its economic outlook. There, I saw firsthand how tackling poverty from…  

Lay of the land: What does this year's HDI tell us about Eurasia?

Every year, the HDI ranks 189 countries, and its yearly updates give us the opportunity to weigh in on our progress.  

Changing the norms for rural women in Kosovo

Through our rural development project funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, we partnered with this association of 40 women to establish a modern production line of rural gastronomic goodies,…  

Speaking gender: 10 communications principles to show you care about gender equality

You say you believe in gender equality, but does your language back that up? These 10 tips from Florin Eduard Marin will take you from novice to fluent when it comes to speaking gender.  

Virtual reality brought me into the world of a strong Roma woman

What did I know about Roma? When we started to think about making a virtual reality film about Roma, it was with the idea to transcend the clichés. Could we make people feel a connection to Roma, to…  

For women in government, glass ceilings and invisible obstacles

Public administration efforts have a significant impact on our daily life. They determine the way decisions made by governments are implemented, and how budgets are allocated and…  

What does inequality look like?

Photographer Jodi Hilton traveled to 5 countries in Europe & Central Asia to document inequalities for UNDP’s Regional Human Development Report. Here is what she saw through her lens.  

20 years of peace and justice in Eurasia: Four key trends

The past 20 years has seen the Europe and Central Asia region undergo tremendous changes. Our recently launched platform on Sustainable Development Goal 16 details some of those changes and how UNDP…  

Are young women a key to the growth of Uzbekistan’s ICT industry?

Do you know who Margaret Hamilton is? Not many do. She was the computer scientist and systems engineer who programmed the Apollo 11 spaceflight. There is currently a greatly untapped resource of…  

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