Making the most of emigration

Emigration from Moldova is the eleventh highest in the world. The country’s demographic future looks grim, but with an inventive approach, emigration can bring significant benefits for the country.  

Virtual reality brought me into the world of a strong Roma woman

What did I know about Roma? When we started to think about making a virtual reality film about Roma, it was with the idea to transcend the clichés. Could we make people feel a connection to Roma, to…  

Can we hack bureaucracy?

Worldwide, about one billion people work for public administrations at various levels. In the face of ever evolving technology, they are facing challenges in delivering services to citizens in a…  

7 digital trends we need to embrace for the Global Goals

From quality education to gender equality, ending poverty to tackling climate change, we need to create content that creates meaningful dialogue and ends up on user’s newsfeeds.  

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