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Head of UNDP Eurasia visits key counterparts and programmes in Turkey

Annual Turkey-UNDP consultations, Syria crisis response and socio-economic development in southeast Anatolia top the agenda.  

Public finance reform in Moldova forges ahead, with Slovak support

Mentor programme leverages support from Slovakia, which aims to achieve 400 million EUR worth of public savings.  

From farmer to finance minister

When I was a teenager, I hitchhiked from Lithuania to Armenia and back. When I found myself back in Istanbul last month, I discussed disaster risk reduction financing with the finance ministers of the…  

Stronger Impact UNDP IFI Partnership Brochure

In support of the SDGs, UNDP works with governments and IFIs around the world to leverage development expertise and resources by collaborating on analysis, assessments and planning, pipeline…  

Stronger Impact UNDP IFI Government Partnerships 2017

In support of the SDGs, UNDP is a partner of choice for both governments and IFIs to help implement projects in a variety of sectors, offering extensive expertise and knowledge together with…  

The future is here: Supporting social innovation in Turkey

Many people around the world say they don’t contribute to social causes for fear that their contributions will be wasted. So how is it that a board game on Kickstarter mangadom managed to collect over…  

Istanbul Innovation Days: #NextGenGov

Breakthrough to 2030: What is the reality of global development in 2018 and how can we join forces to advance Agenda 2030?  

New ways to finance disaster recovery

The human cost of natural disasters is not just measured in the deaths and injuries that they cause, but also in terms of their lasting economic impact on survivors and countries. Natural disasters…  

Disaster risk reduction financing regional conference

The conference will bring together governments, practitioners and experts to better understand global trends of disaster financing market development and opportunities for the RBEC region.  

From crowdfunding to development platforms: 8 ways to make use of a networked world

It’s impossible to eradicate poverty – a complex phenomenon – without connecting different areas of expertise and partners across a wide range of thematic issues.  

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