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#HearMeToo: Activists in Central Asia break ground in fight against violence

Three women activists are part of a growing movement to counter violence against women and girls in Central Asia, where the problem remains largely unaddressed.  

Governments must join hands with civil society and the private sector to ensure equal access to justice for all

The third International Legal Aid Conference (ILAC) in Georgia highlights global challenges and offers practical solutions in creating and reforming free legal aid systems for the poor and vulnerable  

In Bosnia and Herzegovina a survivors search

Many in Bosnia & Herzegovina still deal with the enforced disappearance of their loved ones. Z is searching for the remains of his relatives, killed 25 years ago.  

In remote Kyrgyzstan, itinerary justice under a tree

At 10 in the morning, when I arrive in the village of Baitik, it’s already 30 degrees and there is not a single cloud in the sky. Today, I took a break from the computer and meetings and am…  

Processing War Crimes and the Search for Missing People in the Western Balkans (Regional Brief)

The regional project Enhancing Regional Cooperation in Processing of War Crimes and the Search for Missing Persons (2017-2019) aims to improve cooperation among prosecution services in Bosnia and…  

Investing in social care for gender equality and inclusive growth in Europe and Central Asia

In the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, the legacy of relatively high women’s labour force participation has eroded with the dismantling of public services and contraction of public employment.…  

Providing access to justice to citizens in Tajikistan

Access to justice in Tajikistan is difficult, especially for poor people and people in rural areas. Tajikistan has few lawyers, and the court system is overburdened and slow. Legal Aid Centers bring…  

When it comes to law reform, think long-term: Plan ahead, plan better

In the Kyrgyz Republic, there are 172,800 people with disabilities – corresponding to 2.9 percent of the population. Out of these, 28,200 are children living in orphanages. The average amount of the…  

Prevention of Violent Extremism: Dushanbe 2016

A meeting to advance understanding of, and effective preventative measures against, radicalization that leads to violent extremism in Central Asia and the broader region, with a particular emphasis on…  

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