Policy brief - Roma housing

2013 - This policy brief is based on a broader research paper on Roma and housing, part of a series series on Roma inclusion. more


The housing situation of Roma communities

2013 - This report analyzes housing-related data from the 2011 regional roma survey conducted by UNDP, the World Bank, and European Commission in the EU member states, in twelve countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. more


Policy brief - Roma education

2013 - This brief is abstracted from analysis of the educational situation of Roma based on the UNDP/World Bank/European Commission regional Roma survey data. more


Roma education in comparative perspective

2013 - This working paper contains an analysis of the UNDP/World Bank/EC Regional Roma Survey (2011), regarding the educational situation of Roma in twelve Central and Southeast European countries. more


Report on the living conditions of Roma households in Slovakia 2010

2012 - This report of the living conditions of Roma households in Slovakia in 2010, which compares with data from the 2005 survey. more


A situational analysis of selected aspects of the living standards of excluded Roma households in Slovakia

2013 - This study analyzes how much effort excluded Roma households must expend for resolving common living situations, and what obstacles and barriers they face - including financial. It closely follows the quantitative research of UNDP on living conditions of Roma households in Slovakia. more


Incomes, expenditures and consumption of households in marginalized Roma settlements

2013 - This report presents a survey on income, expenditure and food consumption of households living in marginalized Roma settlements in Slovakia. more


Report on the living conditions of Roma households in Slovakia 2007

2007 - This report is based on data gleaned by the Roma Household Survey 2005. It represents the most comprehensive survey of Roma households carried out in the Slovak Republic to date. The report covers the following subjects: dwelling status and condition, health, income, expenditure, employment,more


At risk: Roma and the displaced in Southeast Europe

2006 - This report presents survey data on the situation of Roma, refugees and internally displaced person in Southeast Europe. It offers a comprehensive picture of the problems vulnerable groups face in the region and puts forward policy advice on how to break this cycle of poverty and exclusion. more


Employing the Roma: Insights from business

2005 - The report aims to spark dialogue in the business community on Roma employment, and offers suggestions for how companies can begin to address this challenge, based on in-depth interviews with companies in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic conducted between May and September 2005. more

Our work on roma

Roma are more likely to live in poverty than non-Roma citizens. They have a higher risk of unemployment, stay in school for fewer years, and many live without access to drinking water, sanitation and electricity. Roma are more likely to suffer from chronic illness and have less access to health services.

UNDP works with national partners to promote inclusion of Roma into economic, social, political and community life.

We work with Roma communities and local partners to make sure that Roma can access quality social services. We also support community projects that can improve the quality of everyday life, and increase education and job opportunities.

Together with our partners, UNDP designs and conducts surveys to show the depth of poverty, and inform policy making.


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