6 Develop a global partnership for development

Where are we?

With regard to the global partnership for development (MDG 8), the advanced economies able to provide official development assistance (ODA) are primarily in this region. However, major donors continue to fall short of the global ODA target. The persistent economic problems and fiscal pressures in the advanced economies mean that significant increases in ODA over the next few years are unlikely. Concerning international trade, while a number of new EU members and countries in South East Europe have become reasonably integrated into the world economy, some economies and landlocked developing countries in the region have performed less well in this area.

(See statistics on offical development aid and technologies in the region)

As we approach the ‘last mile’ of the MDG journey, progress in some countries in the region is at a standstill or even being reversed, even in the wealthier countries.

In Europe and Central Asia, a final push towards the goals outlined in the Millennium Declaration is needed. MDG progress could be accelerated at minimal cost if government social and economic policies would focus on improving the living standards of disadvantaged groups.

Source: Building more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous societies in Europe and Central Asia (2013)