Climate and disaster resilience

A changing climate and rapidly growing exposure to disaster risk presents the world with an unprecedented challenge. For developing countries, both less able to cope with the impact and more likely to be affected, the challenge is particularly severe. These countries face mounting losses from a range of natural hazards, from earthquakes and tsunamis through to severe flooding, storms and drought. We face the threat of decades of development progress being rolled back and poverty becoming entrenched. Meanwhile, climate change cuts across society, from agriculture to health, energy to water resources.

Our Goals

UNDP’s work is to integrate issues of climate, disaster risk and energy at country level, and focus on building resilience and ensuring that development remains risk-informed and sustainable.more

A volatile world

We back efforts to systematically identify and prevent big risks to development, where possible, and where not, to help countries and communities with quick recovery and greater resilience to setback.

Our Stories

Helping rebuild lives in Albania with a long term sight

18 months after severe flooding affected over 15,000 people in southern Albania, 16 infrastructure projects provide flood protection for the future. more 

Moldovan youth bring green energy to their communities

Moldovan youth are learning about renewable energy and inspiring change in their families and communities. more 

A 100-year-old Turkmenistan reservoir gets new life

Residents in Turkmenistan rehabilitate the Ata Eke reservoir, helping to prevent water loss, increase farming areas to their original sizes, and benefit 300 residents. more 

In 2015, record-breaking rain caused flooding in Vlora and southern Albania. Photo: UNDP Albania
Can the Aral Sea make a comeback?

Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world, the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking. Now, 20 years after UNDP's first intervention in the region, hope begins to blossom. more 

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