Crisis prevention & recovery

UNDP works with national and international partners to prevent, manage and recover from violence, conflict and natural disasters.

This includes making sure that institutions are prepared to prevent or respond to crises and that risks are addressed in national plans.

When faced with a crisis, UNDP is ready to help countries respond. UNDP also promotes peace building and national dialogue, and advocates for women’s involvement in preventing conflicts.

Development challenges in the region include conflict over identity and resources, issues of governance and the rule of law,weapons, natural disasters and the likely impact of climate change.

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Our Stories

  • Lillian Palmbach and Jasmin Porobic

    New life for old weapons: Conflict metal used to build windmills?
    Welder with mask bends down as he destroys guns, sparks fly

    There were close to half a million soldiers during the war fighting for their cause, and there are an estimated quarter of a million illegally possessed weapons circulating in the country today. How do we fight the war against the remnants of war?more

  • Helena Puig Larrauri

    Peace through technology: A framework
    A mosaic of images showing examples of how technology can be used to promote peace

    While many discussions focus on how technology can help in early warning and crisis response, few pay attention to the use of technology for peace building, social cohesion and peace advocacy. more

  • Lillian Palmbach

    Finding the right look for arms control
    A defragmentation grenade coupled with a cherry

    Illicit weapon campaigns are usually carried out using the darker side of weapons collection – images of blood and violence – to gain visibility. We decided instead on a campaign that contrasts weapons against positive themes.more

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Video stories

City with mountain in background

Albania: Free from the threat of landmines

More than a decade after the 1999 Kosovo conflict, the country has been declared officially mine-free thanks to a joint UNDP and Government demining programme that also provides assistance to mine victims. more

A detonator burried in the ground

Mine action in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In January 2012, a new mine action programme allowed to de-mine some 50,000 square metres and reached out about 10,000 people with mine risk education. more

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Reducing the risk disasters

  • UNDP News

    Taking the drama out of disaster
    Students in a classroom, slowly going back to their seat after they were hidden under their table

    Emergencies call for fast thinking and rapid reactions to prevent a crisis from becoming a disaster. And as high-school students in Strumica discovered just recently, one of the most effective ways to take the drama out of a crisis is through drama itself.more

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