Taking the drama out of disaster

Students in a classroom, slowly going back to their seat after they were hidden under their table
Information is key to face natural disasters and avoid further damages

Emergencies call for fast thinking and rapid reactions to prevent a crisis from becoming a disaster.


And as high-school students in Strumica discovered just recently, one of the most effective ways to take the drama out of a crisis is through drama itself—not only rehearsing and simulating disaster but raising public awareness through powerful enactment. 


Working together with experts from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, students from the drama departments of three high schools in Strumica developed a short video about natural disasters, showing viewers how best to react in an emergency.



The video spreads the message that in an emergency situation, we should all know how to protect ourselves and be in a position to help others by knowing and participating in local and national emergency systems.


As well as helping ensure that the city of Strumica is more resilient to natural disasters, making the video also gave the local high-school students a valuable opportunity to work with more experienced actors and directors.


“I sincerely thank UNDP for giving me a chance to work with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and to learn from such professionals,” said Aleksandra Madevska, lead actor in Taking the Drama Out of Disaster.


“The overall team was wonderful. I learned about natural disasters but also had a chance to feel the real excitement you get when producing a movie. Now I’m seriously thinking about enrolling with the Drama faculty when I go to university next year,” said Nikola Grncarov, student and actor.


The teachers from the three drama departments that participated in making the video welcomed the chance the project gave their students to build up their skills.


The project has further encouraged the departments to continue looking at possibilities for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction within their future scripts.


The video project was produced in partnership with the Protection and Rescue Directorate and the Municipality of Strumica, with financing from UNDP.


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