Anti corruption

Corruption and the lack of transparency and accountability of public institutions are widespread across the region creating an enormous obstacle to economic and social development.

Reducing corruption and improving access to essential services is a prerequisite to breaking the intergenerational cycle of social exclusion in the region (see Regional Human Development Report).

The situation in the region varies but remains serious with Georgia being the only country to score above 50/100 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index while Central Asian countries all scored below 30.

State capture by corrupt political and economic power makes it extremely difficult to implement serious reforms for transparency and accountability.More about anti corrutpion in the region

Our stories

  • UNDP in Kosovo

    Data visualization: Where does my money go?
    Diagram showing the visualisation of budget expenditures

    With only a few clicks, the online platform can inform any citizen in Kosovo how the government spends its budget. The project’s intention is to prevent mismanagement of public funds and increase transparency in public expenditures and revenues.more

  • Jasna Ivanovska

    Integrity in the city: What it means for citizens
    Piece of infographic stating "Integrity system, what is it all about?"

    No matter how clearly we may be able to see the social consequences of corruption, it can be very difficult to eradicate. Corruption can take root in many areas of society, including within the institutions of government and law enforcement, in political parties, in the media, and in private businesses.more

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