Share your ideas and join our social innovation camp for human rights

A group of young people holding white paper and puttin hands up
Winners of Mardamej, social innovation camp in Armenia

Do you want to change the world? If you are from Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine, and have an idea for promoting human rights and justice, share it by 20 May.


If your idea is selected, we’ll get you to Yerevan, Armenia, for HuriLab, our social innovation camp happening 28 to 30 June.


Witness protection? Press freedoms? Rights of people with disabilities? Women, kids, minorities? Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, access to information?


The topics that fall under human rights and justice are many - so tell us what you are most passionate about and how you want to make the world a better place. (See the ideas that have been submitted so far.)


If your idea is chosen by our panel of judges, we’ll bring you to the event for free, where you’ll team up with programmers and techies to further develop your idea, design and prototype it.


After 48 hours, the top three ideas will receive a grant from UNDP.


>> Submit your idea today!

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