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According to the 2012 UNAIDS Report, the number of people living with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia has almost tripled since 2001 and reached an estimated total of 1.4 million in 2011 compared with 970,000 in 2001.

AIDS-related deaths continue to rise in the region. There were an estimated 92,000 AIDS-related deaths in 2011 compared with 76,000 in 2005.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) is also a significant health issue, with approximately 81,000 people in the region with drug-resistant TB (World Health Organization). Most do not receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Malaria is also a health issue that affects countries in Central Asia.

UNDP’s HIV work focuses on: addressing human rights and laws, women and girls, and at risk populations such as injecting drug users, sex workers, men who have sex with men and migrants.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

New treatment helps bring families together in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The programme helps families to rebuild their homes and relationships torn-apart by addictions, through rehabilitation, re-socialization and reintegration.more 

thumbnail of meeting participants

HIV response in Eastern Europe cannot succeed without civil society

Tbilisi, Georgia – Cooperation between government and civil society is essential in fulfilling the rights of people living with HIV. more 

conference participants
Christoph Hamelmann

Promoting health by mitigating climate change – leading by example in the health sector

Speech at the WHO Global Health and Climate Conference on 27-29 August 2014 in Geneva, Switzerlandmore 

Close-up of baby feet

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A step to end HIV-related stigma

Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a milestone in its effort to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination when a baby was born via C-section in January to HIV-positive parents in Sarajevo.more 

People listening in a conference room
Vladimir Gordeiko and John Macauley

Odessa municipality listens to feedback about service quality from people living with HIV

It is a well-known fact that effective HIV responses usually involve the strong engagement of regional and local organizations as they are closer to the people who need these services and better understand their needs.more 

People sitting at a jury table and hundreds of regular people sitting behind them in a big conference room
Andreas Karpati

A Day in the Life of … a UNV Community Volunteer Coordinator in Uzbekistan

Meet 40 year old Maksuda Muhsinbaeva, Community Volunteer Coordinator based in Namangan, the most populous city in the Fergana Valley in Eastern Uzbekistan.more 

Health care waste
Christoph Hamelmann, John Macauley and Anna Boelens

Leading by example: Greening the health sector

While the health sector aims to make and keep us healthy, it is also a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with potential adverse impacts on human health and sustainable development.more 

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