Today, the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia faces a variety of challenges.

It is a high emitter of greenhouse gases, and suffers from the world’s highest rise of HIV cases. One-third of people find themselves left out of society.

Not all governments are responsive to citizens. Women are often excluded from decision-making. Some countries face the aftermath of conflict; others face the risk of natural disaster.

UNDP works in 22 countries and territories in the region, pursuing major development goals.
We aim to:
- Foster the inclusion of marginalized people into economic, social and political life
- Empower people by promoting democratic governance and human rights
- Promote biodiversity and alternative energiesMore about our work in the region

Preserving the pristine Eurasian landscapes

UNDP is involved in many different initiatives in order to promote the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). more

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