Poverty Reduction

UNDP works with national partners to reduce poverty and advocate for human development.

Almost 30 percent of people in the region either live in poverty or are at risk of living in poverty; and increases are expected by approximately five million people for every one percent decline in gross domestic product (GDP) (World Bank, 2009). Some six million people in Central Asia live in poverty; and it is estimated that the number of people living in poverty in the region increased by an additional one million in 2009 (MDG Report, 2011).

Most countries in the region face rising inequalities, a large setback in social protection, an expanding informal sector, a decrease in male life expectancy, and a massive surge in migration.

The region has experienced the highest increase in socio economic inequality in the world over the last 20 years. One third of people surveyed in the region say that they are excluded - from economic life, social services and participation in society.
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Our Stories

  • Erkinbek Kasybekov, Aidai Arstanbekova and Bakytbek Sheripbaev

    Development in rural Kyrgyzstan: Better together!
    Village meeting under a tree in Kyrgyzstan

    We often talk about how development is better if we work in partnership with others. The Naryn province, one of the poorest in Kyrgyzstan, is another example where we are putting that principle into practice.more

Projects and Initiatives

Blue-eye man with a traditional black hat presenting his dry apricots in his two hands

Aid for Trade

Through the Aid for Trade project, UNDP promotes trade and country competitiveness in 11 countries in the region, to reduce poverty and improve peoples’ lives. more

Lady carrying her little child

Roma in Central and Southeast Europe

Roma are the most marginalized ethnic minority in the region, with many living in poverty and lack of access to basic social services. UNDP is working with Roma communities and national partners to address this pressing challenge. more

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