Development planning and inclusive sustainable growth

 Photo: UNDP.

UNDP promotes inclusive and sustainable development and works to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. Economic growth will not reduce poverty, improve equality, generate jobs and secure livelihoods unless it is inclusive and sustainable.

Many people are excluded from mainstream development because of their gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability or poverty. Development can be inclusive - and reduce poverty - only if all groups of people contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits of development and participate in decision-making.

UNDP works with countries to improve how inclusive development policies and programmes are designed and implemented by:

  • Assisting governments in the formulation of development planning strategies and plans, to ensure they incorporate interventions to promote inclusive sustainable development and poverty reduction;
  • Providing policy advice and tools to fight exclusion and marginalization in areas such as social protection strategies, job creation, sustainable urbanization, and fiscal policies that stimulate inclusive growth;
  • Helping governments to set up comprehensive poverty monitoring and assessment systems – to generate the data and evidence – to inform the design and targeting of effective poverty reduction and sustainable development policies;
  • Advocating for an enhanced public investment and economic governance to ensure that everyone has access to vital public services to eliminate exclusion and marginalization;
  • Supporting countries with public expenditure and budgeting reviews (social, environmental and gender);
  • Advocating for a new Global Partnership for Development - a more favorable international policy environment in areas such as international trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), intellectual property rights, technology transfer and migration;
  • Enhancing developing country productive capacities, sustainable consumption and production patterns, to better integrate into the global economic system in a way that prioritizes human development and reduces poverty and inequality.

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