Roma in Central and Southeast Europe

Roma are more likely to live in poverty than non-Roma citizens. They have a higher risk of unemployment, stay in school for fewer years, and many live without access to drinking water, sanitation and electricity. Roma are more likely to suffer from chronic illness and have less access to health services.

UNDP works with national partners to promote inclusion of Roma into economic, social, political and community life.

We work with Roma communities and local partners to make sure that Roma can access quality social services. We also support community projects that can improve the quality of everyday life, and increase education and job opportunities.

Together with our partners, UNDP designs and conducts surveys to show the depth of poverty, and inform policy making.

Photo contest

A Chachipe youth contest entry by Sandor Naskemore

 sb roma hilton
For Roma, without papers it’s hard to exist

Without legal residency or identity cards, Flurija and Ali can’t officially marry, work or apply for social assistance. Like many Roma, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty, due in large part to their exclusion from the systems tasked with assisting them.more 

 roma role models
Roma role models in Albania on challenges and achievements

What do they want to share with their community? Watch the video: more 

Vincent van Gogh: The Caravans - Gypsy Camp near Arles (1888, Oil on canvas)
Roma migration: An option of last resort?

Nowadays, migration is a regular part of our lives. Migration, in fact, launched the whole process of sustained attention to the issue of Roma exclusion in the European Union.more 

Young roma boy with festive make-up on his face
Celebrating Roma and Egyptians in Albania

Roma rights are human rights. Social exclusion of Albania’s Roma and Egyptians must end. And new strategies are not required – they are good enough – action is what is needed.more 

 Black text saying " Why I quit" on a plain white background
Don’t quit – go underground!

Andrey Ivanov responds to Roma activist Valeriu Nicolae's frustration with Roma inclusion work and reasons for wanting to quit.more 

Young roma boy in the middle of a muddy dirty road next to houses in very bad conditions
Roma inclusion: Building houses does not solve the housing issue

Do Roma really have to live in such conditions? Is it primarily their responsibility? Should society leave marginalized people on their own?more 

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