Our Stories

  • Turning bounty into business at a Turkish womens cooperative

    A women's cooperative, supported by the New World program, has made a business out of traditional products. They sell pastas, jams, dried fruits, and pickles, and all production is powered by solar energy.

  • Demining returns land back to the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    20 years after the war, mines remain a major threat to nearly 550,000 people across Bosnia and Herzegovina. A new UNDP programme is now working to accelerate the demining process in a coordinated manner.

  • A hidden environmental danger lurks in Turkey

    Hundreds of tons of chemicals, which may cause cancer upon contact, are kept in a storage site in Kocaeli, Turkey.

  • Fixing landmarks, mending relationships

    On World Heritage Day, we're taking you on a tour of some of our restored sites in Cyprus and Kosovo*, where we're bringing communities together to restore public monuments.

  • Modeling sustainable farming practices for healthier futures in Strumica River Basin

    After years of unhealthy practices on ground and water, now farmers in the Strumica River Basin have been given the opportunity to restore sustainable farming.

  • For Roma without papers its hard to exist

    Without legal residency or identity cards, Flurija and Ali can’t officially marry, work or apply for social assistance. Like many Roma, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty, due in large part to their exclusion from the systems tasked with assisting them.

  • The wardens of Yelnya: Protecting a Belarusian bog

    Since 1999, efforts have been ongoing to restore and preserve Belarus' Yelnya bog, which has reduced in size from 2,400,000 to 814,00 hectares since the 1950s.

  • Kyrgyzstan: water's hidden cost

    Across Kyrgyzstan, lack of access to clean drinking water presents a serious health problem in hundreds of villages.

  • The story of Sipan

    Today we are taking you on a journey to Armenia to meet Sipan, an ordinary person living a less than ordinary life. Visually impaired since the age of 4, Sipan is now a disability rights activist, fighting for his community’s rights.

  • Albania's stunning coastal beauty

    Through a participatory approach, UNDP helped developed and secure the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Protected Area, the first of it's kind in Albania. What once was an isolated, unreached spot, has now turned into an attractive place, especially for foreign and local tourists.