Answers about climate change can be found in a Russian box

Dec 16, 2014

CO2 circle illustration in the Climate Box

An innovative “Climate Box” recently introduced to Russian students and teachers offers interactive educational material on climate change for ages nine to 12. 

The lively Box includes posters with advice on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint, and a teachers’ guide on how to bring climate issues into the classes they teach. Examples of effective climate change activities, and interactive games are also included to educate and inform school children in a playful and entertaining way.

The educational toolkit “Climate Box” was launched at the UN house in Moscow by Olivier Adam, Deputy Regional Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS, and Natalia Olofinskaya, Head of the UNDP Project Support Office in the Russian Federation.

Representatives from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the Moscow and Sochi City Governments, NGOs, educational institutions, teachers, and media attended the Moscow launch in early December.

With support from the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the UNDP/GEF Greening Sochi Olympics project and Coca-Cola, UNDP in the Russian Federation developed the toolkit to increase the awareness amongst young students about climate change, its impact, and how they can be part of solutions.   

Next year, training workshops will help teachers to effectively introduce the Climate Box into Russian primary and secondary schools. The toolkit is already in high demand from the educational community, schools, and other relevant authorities.With the development of a mobile application and an English version, UNDP will continue to disseminate and promote the tool box more widely.

The Climate Box in Russian can be downloaded here

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