Sarajevo to Bishkek and back: 8,900 km in photos

The UN offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kyrgyzstan have found a way to exchange experiences without using words.

The UN operates in countries around the world and facilitates one of the leading global development networks established to encourage change by connecting countries to the experiences, knowledge and resources of other nations.

Sustainability and resilience are roots that feed the design of UN initiatives around the world. Understanding how to do this and ensuring outreach with other offices and our fellow communities unfold as opportunities create themselves.

Innovation is a recurrent topic circulating the business, corporate and humanitarian world. Factors such as globalization have increased the push for more efficient and effective organizations, and highlighted the need to embrace innovation (in all its aspects) to help discover what opportunities exist and may emerge.

UN in Bosnia and Herzegovina and UNDP in Kyrgyzstan have joined forces to share their knowledge and experiences with each other, without using words. A photography exhibition has been set up in the UN House in Sarajevo to display the work of UNDP in Kyrgyzstan, and vice versa. This is a way of bringing an innovative approach to sharing and visualizing our work as UN offices with different cultural contexts.

Photography goes far to show the real impact of the UN’s work. It gives a face to who we are working with, how we are doing it and helps us to visualize what results we hope to see as an outcome. Social, cultural and environmental change can be seen in photographs. This can give us new ways of looking at the changing perceptions and values in a society, a community’s access to facilities, standards of safety, and opportunities for growth.

This exhibition shares the work of two diverse country offices that, despite their geographic and cultural differences, share a common goal of improving their standards of living by responding to the development needs unique to their environment. It reminds us of the need to examine possibilities and create new ones, and to promote a sustainable exchange of culture in our professional and personal surroundings.

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