Seeking justice in Georgia

Medea was left homeless, Boris faced a jail sentence. Legal aid helped them to restrote their lives when everything seemed lost. Lawyers and consultants help thousands of vulnerable people in Georgia…  

Raising a gay child in the former Soviet Union

In Ukraine, a mother of a gay son not only comes to terms with her son's identity, but helps other parents as well. A collaboration with Thompson Reuters Foundation.  

Women rangers to the rescue

Brave women rangers from Tajikistan aim to save snow leopards from extinction while improving lives of their communities.  

Welcome to paradise

This new national park boasts waterfalls, hiking tracks, and ecological guest-houses.  

How one ministry is changing the lives of women and men with disabilities in Armenia

In Armenia, the government works to bring inclusivity and equality to the workplace.  

Jobs do grow on apricot trees

Tajik companies expand their businesses by expanding exports  

From an institution to a home: Borce’s story

Borce spent 34 years in an institution for people with disabilities. Today, he leads an independent life. His story is a reminder of how people with disabilities have much to offer with the right…  

No one carries water in this Uzbek village...anymore

Suffering from an outdated water system in disrepair, a village in Uzbekistan found a sustainable solution to accessing safe drinking water.  

To farm this land, you need a passport

For Moldovan farmers separated from their land by a Ukrainian highway, a new border project will make crossing easier and less costly.  

When science, farming and youth converge

Noting the mismatched labour market demand and supply of specialists trained in animal husbandry, a new curriculum gives youth opportunities for future work and a better environment in Azerbaijan's…  

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