New Year, new approach, new UNDP

UNDP is starting 2018 with a fresh focus and vision. This approach is laid out in the new Strategic Plan, which takes effect on January 1st and is the blueprint for the evolution of its work over the…  

The grass is greener in Armenia

Communities refuse to let climate change put them out to pasture.  

These human rights defenders are standing up for others — and themselves

These individuals have stood up for their rights and those of others. They have contributed to equality and justice, improving lives, preventing human suffering, and reminding us that human rights are…  

Big exports, bigger impact

Across Uzbekistan, fledging small businesses are proving to be a solution for vulnerable citizens. Aid for Trade supports small and medium enterprises to grow in exports and employees.  

An unlikely battlefront against climate change

With entire ecosystems under threat of mining and irrigation, Belarus vows to conserve its natural bogs. In doing so, it could prevent 500 million tons of carbon from going into the atmosphere.  

A new generation of Cypriots uncovers the missing

Turkish and Greek Cypriots are recovering and identifying the remains of those who went missing in the 1960s and 1970s, healing a divided island.  

In Bosnia and Herzegovina a survivors search

Many in Bosnia & Herzegovina still deal with the enforced disappearance of their loved ones. Z is searching for the remains of his relatives, killed 25 years ago.  

In eastern Ukraine, a glimmer of hope for women inmates living with HIV

Life for HIV affected population in Ukraine is safer and healthier inside the prison walls rather than outside.  

Villagers join forces to bring clean water to rural Moldova

In Slobozia Mare, Moldova, locals and migrants abroad contributed to restore the old rusty water pipes so that now the whole village can have clean running water in their houses for the first time.  

Made in Kosovo: when organic hits a ceiling

Organic farming is blooming but various obstacles makes it a difficult business to be in.  

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