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In Central Asia, entrepreneurs and farmers face challenges not only in sustaining their businesses but also to increasing their sales and production.

Stiff competition from other regions, the difficulty of technological upgrades and high transport costs make it difficult for producers to compete on the marketplace.

Sanobar Tojibaeva started with 2 sewing machines 3 yrs ago. Today, after support from Aid for Trade, she exports 15,000 t-shirts every month and has hired over 30 staff. Photo: Adham Kuchkarov / UNDP Uzbekistan

Since 2010, Aid for Trade has worked on three levels to ensure the biggest possible impact:

  • Helping to create a vision for trade policy that includes employment generation and sustainability; 
  • Supporting trade institutions to develop better services to serve their clients;
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and producers to expand their businesses and to create jobs.

Underlying all our work are issues of environmental sustainability and access to better opportunities for all. We support the type of growth that contributes to reducing inequalities within and between nations. Many businesses are just getting on their feet, and this support enables them to survive a competitive atmosphere and to become sustainable.

A snapshot of our results:

  • Export contracts negotiated are worth US$350 million, mostly in the agricultural sector;
  • 12,677 individuals and 2,838 companies took part or are involved in the project;
  • New IT systems automatized parts of the export procedures, making business transactions more transparent.
  • Trade platform created with over 1500 businesses.

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