About us

Vladimir Mamaev

Regional Technical Advisor, International Waters, Nature, Climate and Energy team

Based in: Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia
From: Russian Federation
Studied at: Moscow State University
Languages: Russian, English, French

I'm Vladimir Mamaev and I am responsible for the water portfolio in the region, which includes transboundary water projects supported by the Global Environment Fund, the European Union and other donors. The water portfolio focuses on assisting countries to identify common transboundary issues of shared water ecosystems, including marine, river, lake and aquifer systems. I help our national partners develop international water projects and advise them during project implementation.

Areas of expertise:

1. Environmental management, water management, international waters

2. Marine biodiversity, marine ecology, oceanography

3. Fundraising, donor relations, trust building

My work

Together with my team, I assist countries in our region to better understand the major transboundary problems associated with shared water systems through what we refer to as a “Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis.” Through this approach, we develop a set a specific actions and interventions, known as a Strategic Action Programme, and provide support throughout the implementation of agreed actions through National Action Plans.

I am also leading the development and implementation of two global projects:IW:LEARN and Global Governance of Large Marine Ecosystems - a portfolio covering more than $50 million.

Some recent achievements

2013 Provided advice and support to the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on the development of the new Global Environment Facility International Waters Project on the Syr Darya groundwater management

2013 Assisted countries that share the Black Sea to develop a new UNDP and EU joint water project for the environmental monitoring of the Black Sea and secured financing for the project

2005-2013 Led the development and implementation of several international water projects in the Caspian Sea, Dnipro, Danube, Tisza and Kura-Aras rivers, Lakes Peipsi and Baikal, Dinaric Karst ground water, and the Bering Sea large marine Ecosystem

For more information:
Email: vladimir.mamaev@undp.org

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