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Bojana Balon

SEESAC Project Manager

From: Slovenia
Studied at: Central European University, Budapest and Faculty of Social Sciences, University in Ljubljana
Languages: Slovenian, English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, German

I am Bojana Balon and I am managing the UNDP’s SEESAC project working on small arms and light weapons control and advancing gender equality in security sector reform processes in South East Europe (SEE) for a #SaferRegion. Previously, I coordinated the Women Police Officers Network in SEE and the Gender Equality in the Military project. Prior to joining SEESAC in 2010, I worked for UNDP in Serbia, the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the General Police Directorate in Slovenia.

My main areas of expertise:

1. Project management

2. Small arms and light weapons control

3. Gender mainstreaming in security sector reform

Some recent achievements

2019 – 2020 Led on the establishment of the Western Balkans SALW Control Multi Partner Trust Fund, and the work of the Secretariat of the Trust Fund

2019 Presented the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap at the United Nations Security Council Arria formula meeting on Building Peace through Effective Small Arms Control dedicated to the Western Balkans Roadmap as a Model for Effective Regional Arms Control.

2018 Oversaw the development of the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap, adopted at the London Summit of Heads of States and Governments in 2018; and the establishment of a comprehensive coordination and monitoring mechanism of Roadmap implementation. 

2016 Led the organization of a Gender Training of Trainers Course for representatives of Armed Forces from Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda, delivered by Gender Trainers from the Armed Forces from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

2014 Supported the establishment of the Regional Network of Gender Trainers in the military in the Western Balkans, the trainers organized gender briefings and workshops for over 4,700 personnel in the Armed Forces in the Western Balkans.

2012-2014 Facilitated regional meetings of Gender Equality Mechanisms in Ministries of Defence (MoD) and Armed Forces (AF) in the Western Balkans which have become a unique capacity building mechanism for MoDs and AFs and contribute to regional cooperation on gender equality in defense.

2013 Led a unique regional research on the Position of Women in the Armed Forces in the Western Balkans, and supported the implementation of the recommendations of the study leading to better policies and practices related to recruitment and retention of women in the Armed Forces.

2012 Coordinated the development of the Guidelines for Gender Sensitive Policing with an Emphasis on Recruitment, Selection and Professional Development of Women in Police Services, with a set of practical and low cost measures to advance gender equality in policing, and supported police services in South East Europe in their implementation.

2010-2013 Supported the establishment of the Women Police Officers Network in South East Europe and helped it grow in to a unique regional advocacy mechanism for gender equality in policing. 

For more information:

Email: bojana.balon@undp.org


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