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Alexandru Oprunenco

Policy and Innovation Specialist

Based in: UNDP in Moldova
From: Moldova
Studied at: Central European University 
Languages: English, Russian, Romanian

I'm Alex Oprunenco and I am passionate about understanding things that make development work. I am an ‘extra mile’ believer and I like new theories challenging established dogmas. In my work I am trying look for small changes that can bring big impacts, such as behavioural insights for development 

My main areas of expertise:

1.     Behavoural insights

2.     Foresight methodologies 

3.     User-led design

4.     New approaches towards impact evaluation such as RCT.

My work

My work is mainly focused on building partnerships and testing new approaches to public policy issues: treatment of tuberculosis might not be a matter of pills and service design should not be confined only to bureaucrats. It is very much connected to the future of aid – how doing things differently we can work with governments and people to co-generate solutions for challenges of today and tomorrow.  

Some recent achievements:

2014-2015   Helped set up the first Randomized Control Trial to test new approaches to tuberculosis treatment that - if successful - will become part of  national policy. It can help saving hundreds of lives and eventually several millions of dollars

2014 – 2015 Helped establish MiLab, Social Innovation Hub in Chisinau, a partnership of UNDP, State Chancellery of the Government of Moldova, where we are working together on supporting user-led redesign of public services and helping reform of education through civic engagement.

2013  Coordinated and ran UNDP ECIS second research and development event, “Behavioural sciences and gamification for development” 

2012-2014  Managed nation-wide post-2015 Consultations in Moldova reaching out to over 8,000 people via text messaging and online voting, nation-wide surveys, focus group discussiongaming and foresight platform.

For more information:
Email: Alexandru.oprunenco@undp.org
Twitter: @AlexOprunenco

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