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Milica Begovic Radojevic

Innovation Specialist

Based in: Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia
From: Montenegro
Studied at: University of Alabama
Languages: Montenegrin, English

I'm Milica Begovic Radojevic (Millie), and I work on bringing innovation to development - one person, and one experiment at a time.  

My main areas of expertise:
  1. Social innovation, change management
  2. Design thinking, user innovation, citizen engagement, foresight, social network analysis, tech and complexity science and development
  3. Natural resource planning, disaster risk reduction, local development
My work

I work with teams (UNDP and national/local partners) across the region to find out new ways of tackling stubborn problems, test out fresh ideas and new perspectives in UNDP context.

Some recent achievements

2014-2015  Designed and tested a new approach to ‘scaling up’ in development, borrowing principles from sciences (biology, ecology, cognitive science and psychology). Read my article on it in Stanford Social Innovation Review

2013-2014  Introduced new method (micro-narrativesfor weak signal detection, analysis of underlying causes of development issues, and impact evaluation  

2013  Ran UNDP’s first challenge prize (UNDP/Nesta Renewable Energy Challenge), subsequently taking part in drafting UNDP’s first corporate policy on innovation challenge prizes.  

For more information:
Email: milica.begovic@undp.org 
Twitter: ElaMi5

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