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Mara Niculescu

Partnership Development Analyst

Based in: Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia
From: Romania
Studied at: The London School of Economics
Languages: Romanian, English, French

Hi, I'm Mara Niculescu. My main areas of expertise are:

1. Development cooperation

2. Emerging Donors

3. New Development Partnerships

4. Monitoring and Evaluations for Development

My work

As partnerships development analyst in the Europe and CIS Partnerships team, I provide support on the development of strategic partnership for UNDP with emerging donors and key non-state actors, such as International Development Banks, South-South cooperation, as well as resource mobilization support to Country Offices in Europe and the CIS. Prior to this assignment, I worked for the regional Partnerships team from Bucharest, serving as M&E project assistant in the New ODA Cooperation Partnership with Romania. In this capacity, I designed and oversaw independent evaluation and elaborated internal evaluation reports, in view of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Romania’s contribution to the global development efforts.

Some achievements  

I have designed and led the first-ever evaluation programme of Romanian ODA projects and programmes, supporting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their development cooperation efforts.

For more information:

Email: mara.niculescu@undp.org


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