About us

Danièle Gelz

Project manager

Based in: Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia
From: Luxembourg
Studied at: University of AberdeenEuropean Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation
Languages: English, French, German

I'm Danièle, and I manage the Aid for Trade project.
My main areas of expertise:

  1. Sustainable development - private sector development with a focus on agribusinesses and sustainable local development
  2. Results based management, and project management
  3. Monitoring and evaluation

My work
As the project manager of the Aid for Trade project, I oversee activities in participating countries and support UNDP country offices with implementation of different activities.

My areas of expertise include private sector development, sustainable local development, RBM and project management, and M&E.

Some recent achievements

  • In 2016, I piloted a new sustainability measurement tool which demonstrated impact of our activities.
  • In 2015, I helped to make the very first agri-innovation camp for UNDP in this region happen;
  • In 2014, I helped to mobilise 9 million Euro for private sector and rural development.

For more information:
Email: daniele.gelz@undp.org

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