Climate and
Disaster Resilience


There is no country in Europe and Central Asia where the impact of climate change cannot be seen and felt. The entire region is now clearly affected by air temperature variations, changes in river runoff and precipitation, and the more frequent incidence of extreme weather events.

From the catastrophic flooding in Western Balkan countries to more widespread and prolonged droughts in the countries of Central Asia, extreme climate events are threatening decades of hard-won development achievements.

At the same time, economies in the region are characterized by high levels of energy intensity and inefficiency, ageing infrastructure and the slow adoption of renewable energy sources.

Ambitious climate action is needed now more than ever, and UNDP is on the front lines. UNDP’s Climate Promise is the world’s largest offer of support for countries to enhance their pledges (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. UNDP is helping 118 countries globally, including all 18 programme countries and territories in our region, to be bolder in reducing emissions, increasing resilience, and protecting nature.

Our goals

As the UN agency working on sustainable development, UNDP has a mandate of supporting countries as they move towards low carbon development paths, more sustainable use of natural resources and resilience to climate change and disasters.

UNDP supports countries to:

  • Address and build resilience to the impacts of climate change;
  • Assist countries as they brace for disaster and help them recover fast; and
  • Develop sustainable and renewable energy solutions.


people who are now protected from recurring floods in the Rioni River Basin, Georgia. This inspired a nationwide Early Warning System to enhance the protection of 1.7 million Georgians from climate disaster risk.

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