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Education and awareness

In many countries around the region, the general public is still lacking basic awareness and understanding of the drivers and impact of climate change, as well as options for reducing carbon emissions and adapting to the new temperature rise. People are the ultimate consumers of goods and services, which use up resources and energy. Taking action at the household level requires knowledge of how to make a difference.

Because early education can have such an impact on life-long behaviours, UNDP developed a learning toolkit for school children: the Climate Box. The interactive materials provide them with important information on issues related to global climate change in an interesting, attractive and entertaining way.

The Climate Box, available in English, Russian, French and Spanish, consists of:

  • an illustrated textbook;
  • a Climate Quiz – a set of game cards;
  • a wall map illustrating the possible effects of climate change on nature and mankind in various parts of the world by the end of the 21st century;
  • a poster with tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint;
  • a CD with all materials.

Over 50,000 school children from eight countries - Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia – have used the new climate curricular. More than 3,000 teachers from 2,000 schools have been trained, and the toolkit is available in ten local languages.

Over five years, the Climate Box has evolved from an innovative toolkit into a comprehensive climate education programme that engages with education ministries, schools, informal and non-formal education activities. Children and their teachers met with their peers from other countries at the international competition for best school projects on climate change and at the thematic summer school on the Black Sea. Climate Box continues its journey acrosss the Europe and Central Asia and beyond.

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