Gender equality

Sexual and gender-based violence

Violence against women and girls remains a pervasive violation of fundamental rights in most countries and territories in the region. It occurs across all socio-economic groups and at all levels of education. Despite progress in legislation, prevention, and prosecution, violence against women and girls is still widespread, with multiple repercussions on their wellbeing. Moreover, during or in the aftermath of conflicts, the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence increases, while access to justice for survivors can be severely impeded.

Effective SOS helplines are a vital component of efforts to combat sexual and gender-based violence in Montenegro.

UNDP supports efforts to end sexual and gender-based violence by:

  • Helping parliaments develop legal frameworks on combating and prosecuting sexual and gender-based violence and securing the rights of survivors;
  • Advocating for policies that combat early and forced marriage, human trafficking and other harmful practices;
  • Strengthening tracking mechanisms to increase reporting of incidents of sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Training law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, social workers, and prosecutors so they can join forces to address cases of sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Facilitate access to justice and services for survivors of conflict-related violence.

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