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Across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, corruption and varied government effectiveness are persistent impediments to inclusive growth and development. At the same time, people are increasingly expecting higher quality public services. And governments are looking to innovations and technology to help streamline and improve their functioning.

Despite progress in levels of political freedom, openness, accountability and respect for human rights in this region, many issues need to be addressed. In many countries, effective rule of law remains a primary deficiency. The legacy of conflict, and the prevalence of protracted and so-called frozen conflicts, has long undermined development efforts and progress on a range of socio-economic indicators.

Given the region’s current context and recent history, improving governance and building peace are particularly important to keeping societies just, inclusive and peaceful. That objective is essential to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Our goals

UNDP works to empower nations and communities to become more inclusive and resilient to external and internal shocks and to make sure governments are working smoothly, transparently and for all people. We also work to increase citizens' participation in decisions and to build a stronger and more inclusive social contract. We work to strengthen the rule of law, ensure justice systems are efficient and fair, and support the promotion and protection of human rights for all.

With local and international partners, we focus on four major areas:

1 in 3 citizens

The number of people in the region that think corruption is one of the main problem facing their country.

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