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Corruption siphons off public resources, undermines effective and stable governance, and complicates efforts to streamline services and development processes. If not addressed at earlier stages, corruption can become entrenched to the point that it becomes the norm, and perceived as the cost of doing business.

Without citizen ownership and support of anti-corruption efforts, any gains are likely to quickly erode.

UNDP works with partners to combat corruption and improve transparency by:

  • Supporting institutions at the central level that are responsible for implementing the UN Convention Against Corruption;
  • Putting into place the "Islands of Integrity" methodology to prevent corruption in cities and municipalities;
  • Helping draft laws on access to information, anti-corruption reform packages, and mainstreaming of anti-corruption principles across all sectors;
  • Assessing corruption risks and assisting governments to target the most vulnerable areas, such as education and healthcare;
  • Raising awareness on the importance of business integrity and open contracting as a means to decrease risk of corruption in the public sector; and
  • Creating web portals that allow municipalities, citizens and media to report corruption.

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