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E-governance and public administration reform

A key challenge for many countries in the region is establishing the machinery of government to function, and effectively implement laws and policies in less than optimal conditions. This means ensuring government services continue through transitions of government, disasters and economic downturns, and for institutions to remain progressive, client-focused and objective in the face of government pressure, conflict and extremism.

We aim not just to develop resiliency, but also improve government functions and foster innovation. New technologies provide an unparalleled opportunity for governments to become more transparent, efficient and accessible and to provide services in a manner that is beneficial for both citizens and civil servants.

New technologies and centers are improving service delivery for citizens in Ukraine. Photo: Andrey Krepkih / UNDP

UNDP works to support public administration reform by:

  • Providing expert advice to governments on how to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate public administration programmes, and how to enforce accountability;
  • Supporting whole-of-government approaches among public sector officials and civil servants;
  • Introducing innovations, digitization and other technological advances to public service delivery, in order to reach the most vulnerable and marginalized communities.

We have supported the development of a website in the Kyrgyz Republic that informs citizens of their rights around public and municipal services; the enhancement and expansion of the e-visa system in Turkey; and the introduction of the new Social Card – Social Welfare Information System in Montenegro, which allows for better targeting and more efficient delivery of services, and collects data that can be useful in further planning of services.

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